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Best B2B Lead Generation Software LeadNSaaS

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If you have a hard time getting leads, then you found exactly what you are looking for. Our platform offers you a suite of tools that you can use for your marketing in order to grow your company, find leads, send emails, create chatbots and much more!

Email extracting

Extract B2B emails from B2B social media and build targeted lists. Find Email, phone & social media from possible clients

Lead generation

All the tools you need for simple and effective lead generation and sales automation

Email campaigns

Automate your outreach with our email campaign tools. This includes Exchange warmup, Email templates, Automatic replies and much more 

Get leads that fit your niche in 3 easy steps

You are just 3 steps away from getting leads that fall right into your niche. You can find high value leads by filtering by country, industry and size. Then just import the auto generated file of these companies and watch your business grow by using our email campaign tools. It’s that simple

LeadNSaaS get b2b leads from competitors
Get B2B leads and build strong customer relationship

Build a strong Relationship with your Customers

Our service also provides you with the best in business CRM tools to keep your customers happy and save you time and money. Acquiring a new lead is five times more expensive than retaining one, so its important to use our solutions if you want your sales growth to be sustainable

Easily automate your Email Campaigns

Send personalized cold emails and email newsletters fully automated with our email campaign tools. You can create your own email contents or choose from over 100+ templates that are available in over 30 different languages. This works best in combination with our enrichment and prospecting tools. The best sales automation tools for your success



LeadNSaaS get b2b leads from competitors

Easy to use

Forget about hours of learning how to use a software. Our lead generation solutions are not just the most effective, they also have intuitive user interfaces, easy to use for everyone!


+10,000 businesses

Follow over 10,000 businesses in the world using our product on a daily basis.

Our product is used by thousands of companies daily.

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